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Benefits of Call Tracking System

The procedure which is used in gauging how impactful marketing efforts have done on leads and sales generated is referred as call tracking. As a matter of fact, evidence based marketers’ goals have a big contribution on this for getting the spotlight. If all sales and leads came from the online conversion forms, then it’ll be easier to figure out which ads are providing the best return on investment without call tracking whatsoever.

But for various industries of ecommerce including financial services, automotive, healthcare, travel as well as B2B technology, most of the leads and sales are generated through phone.

Many companies appreciate call tracking systems as it helped them to cheaply make telephone numbers either local or toll-free in just one click. As to companies that are used to purchasing numbers from the traditional carriers, the process is just a normal thing. For telephone numbers to be searched and tracked quickly, it is assigned by labels, nicknames and tags. Next, the marketers are associating unique numbers with a certain marketing engagement similar to radio or TV ads, social media ads, conference print collateral or search keywords. Whenever someone calls them, there is a unique number that shows up reporting the source of the ad according to the associated phone number.

In basic form, call tracking software can integrate a campaign with just a single business phone number. Through this, it can be automated to see phone metrics from location of calls, duration of calls and number of calls automatically. As for basic phone call tracking, this can work effectively in case that the business wants to determine how much sales calls last for 40 seconds at least.

It isn’t strange for both small and medium sized businesses to operate several ad campaigns at once. There is a chance that the brand might have 6 separate groups of ads according to the product. There are various phone numbers that you can get from using campaign based call tracking system. Every number is focused on a specific product, paid search ad group, specific keyword or individual ads. Sales and marketing can therefore separate calls easily that originates from certain ads.

Imagine that you’re operating a big company focusing in travel and tours. You’re offering flights as well as accommodations to literally hundreds or thousands of locations globally. Picture the combination of keywords that you can use that can lead your potential customers to your page. You must have access to pool of telephone numbers in order to get insights of which keyword derive phone sales. It is not new for enterprise level businesses to make reservations for thousands of unique phone numbers for doing their call tracking.

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